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Your PhD Resume: How Much Should You Care?

First impressions are everything. While on the non-academic job search, your PhD resume is often the first item that employers review because it provides them with instant access to your accomplishments and skills, as well as insight into who you are and how well you fit into the culture of their organization.


Your PhD resume is in many ways your best chance at making a quick and strong first impression on hiring committees. Having a great resume can either make or break your chances of getting hired. This is why it is imperative to impress your reader. Yet, many PhD graduates see their resume as a mere account of their work history and don’t take it as seriously as they should.


As an academic, you very likely have your way with words. If you believe in your ability to write your PhD resume yourself, make sure to seek the opinion of someone who is familiar with the job-search process. You should never send your resume without having received feedback from someone who’s in the know. As an academic, would you submit a piece of research without consulting other experts to verify that your argument is sound? Probably not. It should be the same for your resume. Make sure to seek the expertise and informed opinion of someone who can pick it apart.


If you’re still not sure how to develop a comprehensive profile, if you’re hesitant about the content of your draft, or you’re too busy finishing your dissertation to make up for your past shortcomings, make sure to find the help you need. Let’s be frank. As a doctoral student or recent Phd graduate, you’ve clearly demonstrated that you have grit. You’ve accomplished what very few people in this world accomplish. Yet, your skills and experience might not always be clearly understood by non-academics. It’s important to translate what you did in a straightforward and compelling manner. Don’t you want your PhD resume to tell your story? Don’t let it be buried in a generic or sloppy resume!


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