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PhD Resumes: The Golden Rule You Should Follow

Is writing PhD resumes hard to do? Yes. Boring? Terribly. Yet, it is not something that you should take lightly. if you want to get hired, having a good resume is not enough. You need a great one.

Although there are a wide variety of rules and guidelines to writing PhD resumes, nothing is set in stone. Yet, you must present relevant information in alignment with your specific situation. A resume is more than just a simple account of your work history. It should be compelling without being over-the-top. It should be honest AND represent you in your best light. Most of all, your resume should provide instant access to your achievements. It should show that, despite minimal work experience, you possess many valuable skills. It should show employers that you’re worth the investment and demonstrate that they can take a chance on you with minimal risk.

As an academic, you very likely have your way with words. If you believe in your ability to write it yourself, make sure that you seek the opinion of someone who is familiar with the job-search process. You should never send your resume without having received feedback from someone who’s in the know. Each sector of the workplace has its specific jargon, requirements, etc. The last thing you want is to appear to be out of the loop.

As an academic, would you submit a piece of research without consulting other experts to verify that your argument is sound? Probably not. It should be the same for your resume. Make sure that you seek the expertise and informed opinion of someone who can pick it apart!

If you’re still not sure how to develop a comprehensive profile, if you’re hesitant about the content of your draft, or you’re too busy finishing your dissertation to make up for your past shortcomings, ask for help! Let’s be frank. As a doctoral student or recent Phd graduate, you’ve clearly demonstrated that you have grit and brains. You’ve accomplished what very few people in this world accomplish. Your PhD resume should honor the efforts you made to get there. Period.

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