PhD Resume Building: When Should You Start?

It is never too early to start working on your resume. First, because it is time-consuming. Secondly, because, as in any piece of writing that represents who you are, it should be crafted with thought and intention. Resume writing should be an ongoing process. You don’t want to start thinking about building your resume when it’s too late. Building your PhD resume can make you learn a lot about yourself. It might force you to consider what is lacking in your professional development. Staring at the white spaces in your resume might encourage you to be more proactive and provide with insight into what we should be doing right now.


Is resume writing hard to do? Yes. Boring? Terribly. Yet, it is not something that you should take lightly. You should devote a substantial amount of time making sure that it is as close as possible to who you truly are. It should grow and change the same way you do, as you progress through your professional life.


A PhD resume is more than just a simple account of your work history. It should be compelling without being over-the-top. It should be honest AND represent you in your best light. Most of all, your resume should provide instant access to your achievements. It should show that, despite minimal work experience, you possess many valuable skills. It should show employers that you’re worth the investment. It should also demonstrate that they can take a chance on you with minimal risk.


There are many tools and templates to help you get started. A few clicks on the internet can provide you with endless resources and guidelines as how to start, what to write, etc. Although these tools can be useful, use them with caution. If you rely too heavily on them, your resume might end up looking and sounding like many other resumes. You should look at all this information as a starting point, and focus on building a resume as unique as you are. And finally, don’t pay for information that is available for free. If you ever want to invest in something, invest in someone that could provide you an informed opinion on your draft!

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