Phd Resume Tips: 6 Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

The non-academic resume: Done right, this one-page inventory of your accomplishments can inspire employers to schedule you for an interview; done wrong, it can send you straight back to the unemployment office. Who wants that?!

Here are six Phd resume tips to save you from being ignored or dismissed by hiring committees:


  • Don’t leave your resume at the bottom of your to-do list; it should not be the least of your concerns.  Your resume provides an amazing opportunity to share a summary of who you are with employers. Not only is it your first chance to introduce yourself to others, but it also the most important tool you possess to make a positive first impression.


  • Generic descriptions just won’t cut it. In other words: show, don’t tell. When employers quickly scan a resume (they have many to read), they are mainly looking for potential and growth. Your resume should clearly demonstrate your ability to achieve your goals, as well as your ability to make an impact on others.


  • Do not submit an academic resume as part of your job application materials. Your resume should not include jargon or technical lingo that you might include if you were to apply to an academic position. The information on your resume should be as clear as possible and accessible to a wide array of readers.


  • Refrain from getting in touch with your inner creativity when it comes to formatting. Less is more. Your safest bet is to stay on the conservative side, even if your background is non-traditional. Let your success speak for themselves.


  • Don’t say too much. Skip your SAT or GRE scores, your high school education, and your references. Date of birth, marital status, height, and weight should be excluded.


  • Don’t make editing an afterthought.Your resume should be scanned by for misspellings and grammatical errors by at least an extra set of non-academic eyes. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. First impressions should never be overlooked!


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