Successful cover letters and resumes are more than grammar and tone. They depend on your ability to market yourself effectively. Phd resume services and Phd cover letter services can help you transform your written communications into clear, strong and compelling stories about yourself and your training so you can easily present your added value on paper.


Our hourly Phd resume services and Phd cover letter services include

1.   An in-depth review and critique of the content of your cover letter or resume + suggestions for improvement.

2.   A round of edits of the second version + correction and review of terminology, grammar and overall clarity.


Leaving academia involves embracing a new way to market yourself. The first step in your transformation from academic to engaging professional is to turn your C.V. into a resume that showcases the skills, talents and abilities you already possess. As the first item that employers see when reviewing your job application material, your resume plays a crucial role in making a strong and lasting impression. A good resume is not enough. You need a great one. The type of resume that makes employers to want to know more about you.


You already have a C.V. that you want to turn into a resume?

You do not yet have a C.V. draft?

Our Phd resume package is for you!



Our resume package is a four-step process that will not only save you time and energy, but will also provide you with expert assistance in presenting your work experience and academic background in a powerful way.


  1. We conduct a preliminary interview to learn more about your experiences and achievements.
  2. We brainstorm with you on a plan-of-action to best represent who you are and highlight your value.
  3. We provide you with a personalized resume template and first draft.
  4. We revise and polish your resume together into a compelling final draft.






Our focused approach on resume building will help you shift from good to great by:


  • Providing you with the right terminology to present your work experience and education in a manner that is compelling to non-academic employers.
  • Assisting you in marketing yourself effectively to employers by highlighting the skills, talents and abilities you possess.
  • Providing you with strategies to address the blank spaces, inconsistencies, and twists and turns in your professional and academic timeline.
  • Helping you demonstrate how your past experiences meet the requirements of your target employer.

Have questions? Not sure which services suit your needs?

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