PhD Industry Jobs: How to Win the Heart of Your Next Employer

Looking for Phd industry jobs is like looking for your soul mate. Finding the right match takes time and energy, the internet is a good way to look for opportunities, and, at the end of the day, it’s all about chemistry.

But what happens when you think you have found “the one”? How do you make sure to signal your interest without being pushy? How do you optimize your chances of making a long-lasting connection?

Here are few tips on how to approach Phd industry jobs and melt the heart of your next employer:

  • Show them you are ready for a relationship. Hiring committees are people too. Like any singles ready to mingle, they want to make sure that you are relationship-worthy and that you’re looking for something more than a one-night stand. Be prepared to talk about your short-term goals, and, most specifically, about your long-term goals.


  • Demonstrate that you share common values. Show them that you embrace the same passion for leadership, collaboration, and impact as they do. Research the organization’s mission, and ask the right questions to find similar ideals instead of dwelling on your recent breakup with academia.


  • Show them you are commitment-worthy. Stand out from the crown by showing the contributions you’ve made in the past, and by demonstrating how you easily earn the respect of those around you. The best way to convince others that they should invest in building a relationship with you is to demonstrate that you possess a long history of strong relationships. If you’ve stood out in the past as a talented team mate and collaborator, chances are you will continue to excel in this next phase of your career.


  • Show them you’re more than just good looks. Be prepared to show that you possess a likable, warm and vibrant personality. Show that there’s more to you than just a pedigree and a diploma. Be prepared to talk about how you relate to other people and to demonstrate that you possess inner qualities, skills and talents that might not be so easy to see at first sight. And surround yourself with people (references) who will confirm that you possess valuable qualities that are more difficult to measure.


Here’s to putting yourself on the market, finding your match, and living happily ever after!


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