Pay-as-you-go with our Phd Career Services and partner with us to work on any aspect of your career transition you wish to explore. During your consultation, we’ll discuss your personal, professional, and academic background. We’ll also discuss your goals, options and concerns, and we’ll provide you with guidance as you approach your post-academic transition.



Career path selection:

·    What are your options?

·    What are your chances of getting hired?

·    How can you leverage your skills, strengths, and academic background?

·    How can you make up for the blank spaces in your profile, and stand out from the crowd (in a good way!)



Here’s how we can help!

At Academic EQ, we help you:

·    identify domains of action in alignment with your values, goals, and talents.

·    identify potential career opportunities.

·    determine and articulate your short and long-term career goals.

·    deepen your self-awareness and uncover values, motives, and personal attributes.

·    learn how to best present and promote yourself in-person, on paper, and in the digital world.



Choose the number of hours you’d like to start with.

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Time Guidelines


Use the time you purchase the way you want for any of our services, including interview prep and our editing services. Here’s how we typically work with clients, with hourly estimates.

Initial Strategic Planning

2-3 hours.

Background Assessment/ Career Exploration

1-2 hours

Cover letter review/Editing

0.5- 2 per letter

Interview Prep

1-2 per interview

Resume Review/Editing

1-2 hours

Don’t know how much time you need?

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