Non-Faculty Jobs for PhDs in the Humanities: Have You Ever Considered Marketing?

Pursuing a PhD in the Humanities?

You have other options than teaching. As you consider non-faculty PhD jobs, you need to keep in mind that a PhD in the Humanities has taught you more than a subject matter.

Marketing is one field where you can put the skills you honed to use. Since your PhD has emphasized writing coherently and strategically, the marketing sector—most specifically areas that require strategic communication—has a plethora of career opportunities. People who work in marketing interact with customers, investors, internal employees, and a wide variety of stakeholders which requires excellent analytical skills and communication skills.

Here are a few potential positions to investigate:

Marketing communications associate: Marketing communication associates oversee a firm’s overall communication plan, which not only requires excellent writing skills, but also a fair amount of research. Marketing communication associates write emails, newsletters, quick sheets, case studies, and more. They also work closely with the PR and Events departments.

Copywriter: Copywriters oversee the expression, promotion, and interpretations of ideas and facts in written form for a wide variety of media (books, magazines, online platforms, journals, newspapers, technical studies and reports, newsletters, etc.) Mostly working in the advertising industry, copywriters are in charge of persuading the general public to explore or pick certain goods, services, and personalities over others.

Media relations specialist: also referred to as communications consultants, media relations specialists serve as the liaison between a company, a person, an organization, and the media. Working within the same parameters as people who work in public relations (another exciting field with a ton of well-suited gigs for PhDs in the Humanities), media relations specialists help organizations and people develop and maintain a positive image in the media by building relationships and through strategic campaign development.

What do you need to secure these jobs?

A solid writing portfolio, creative thinking skills, excellent presentation and interpersonal skills, as well as knowledge of WordPress, digital platforms, and PowerPoint.

These are just a few examples of Non-Faculty Jobs for PhDs in the Humanities that are worth exploring. You don’t have to let yourself be confined to the subject matter you studied.

So, go ahead and explore!

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