Can a Consultant Help You Succeed?


Whatever your field, looking for a job outside academia after receiving your PhD can be challenging, to the say the least. Employers are extremely selective, and even when you find the job listing of your dreams, the candidates you’ll compete with may possess knowledge and training that your department forgot to teach you. It’s difficult to make it on your own, which is why so many recent PhD graduates settle for jobs that don’t honor the time and effort they put into their education.

Consultants can guide and support you through the job-search process in several meaningful ways:

  • Creating strategies.As you leave grad school and head for the non-academic job market, positioning yourself correctly is crucial. Your consultant can help you take an in-depth look at your profile and help ensure that you apply for jobs that are right for you.


  • Reducing anxiety.There’s no beating around the bush – leaving academia and stepping into the non-academic world can be extremely stressful, especially if you’re busy balancing other responsibilities. Consultants have firsthand knowledge of what you’re looking for, as they’ve been through the job-search process before. They can help you create workable timelines, stay on track, manage your stress, and reduce the loneliness associated with leaving academia.


  • Helping you present yourself.Your consultant can help you put your best foot forward with your job application – including assisting you with your cover letter, résumé, and interview prep.

When you’re looking for a consultant to help you find non-academic employment, seek someone you’ll be able to connect and work with effectively. Does his/her style and approach align with the type of help you need? Has the consultant previously worked with applicants like you? Does he/she possess the expertise necessary to guide you?


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