Are Mock Interviews For Non-Academic Jobs Worth Your Consideration?

Let’s be real. As an academic, you are not ready to go to your next non-academic job interview. Not only has your department not provided you with the necessary training to take on this new job market, but the competition beyond the walls of the Ivory Tower is also very steep.


We are often asked if it’s worthwhile to sign up for mock interviews for non-academic jobs. There’s a lot of information online about non-academic work interviews already, so why bother paying for a service when you can do it on your own?


We usually answer with other questions: Would you run a marathon without training first? Why would you walk into a job interview with no proper preparation?


Research shows there are two key ingredients to acing job interviews: practice and feedback. While you could easily practice on you own, will the mirror provide you with the necessary feedback for you to improve?


Mock interviews for non-academic jobs provide tools to excel in front of interviewers by helping you


  • anticipate difficult interview questions and develop compelling responses;


  • develop a personal and professional narrative about your transition to impress in behavioral interviews and effortlessly convey confidence and charisma;


  • identify mistakes and flaws, fix them, and learn how to prepare yourself to improve your performance.


Wondering how recent PhD job hunters who participated in mock interviews feel about them? Here is some recent feedback from two of our clients:


“The job interview was a carbon copy of the simulation . . . Thank you so much for the feedback you provided during the mock interview. It gave me the confidence to do my very best.”


“Thanks to our sessions no questions came out of left field . . . Many thanks for all your support and advice again! It was very helpful. It was definitely worth it to invest in your service.”


Want to learn more about the interview process? Find out all there is to know by downloading our Quick Guide to Acing Non-Academic Job Interviews

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