How to Choose The Best Career Consultant

You have probably heard that more and more recent PhD graduates hire a career consultant to help them navigate the job search and the intricacies of finding a job after the PhD. You have also probably heard that hiring the right consultant can make the difference between getting a great non-academic job and stalling for years in the margins of academia as an adjunct. But do you really know what a career consultant really does? How do you know if you need one? Is it worth it? And most importantly, once you decide you’re interested, how do you go about choosing the consultant that’s best for you?

For starters, we recommend that you read our new special report, The Quick Guide to Choosing a Career Consultant. Even if you’re not interested in hiring an anyone to assist you while you are exploring alternate career paths or in the process of finding a job after the PhD, the tips and insight found in this report are extremely helpful. But if you ARE planning on hiring a consultant, then this report is a definite must-read!

Some of the topics covered in our Quick Guide to Choosing a Career Consultant include:


  • What to look for in a consultant.
  • What you should avoid at all costs.
  • Some things that you should definitely NOT pay for.
  • And whether or not it’s worth it to invest in help or not.


To learn more about the current trends on the consultant debate and the role a career consultant can play in helping you finding a job after the PhD, please download The Quick Guide to Choosing a Career Consultant now!

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