Shouldn’t I be able to find a job on my own?

It’s difficult to change careers on your own. Few people get their current position without any help or guidance. Having an informed, resourceful network is critical for making strategic career decisions. Working with someone who has worked both in academia AND the private sector, and who understands the synergies and differences between the two job markets can be an asset to your career transition: it saves you time and energy.

Never worked with a consultant before. What’s the process like?

We will get to know you a bit better by sending you a comprehensive questionnaire/assessment about your academic and professional background. Once you will have returned the questionnaire, you’ll be invited to schedule a 30-minute brainstorming appointment over the phone or Skype, during which we will discuss your personal background, skills and strengths, hobbies and interest, and set up a plan of action to identify career paths, target positions, and build the strong personal and professional profile you need to get hired.

Like any other relationship, the more you invest into your sessions, the greater the benefits. To achieve results, it’s important for you to be open to feedback and to be willing to fully invest yourself in the work you need to do after our sessions.

Aren’t you expensive?

Not at all. If you consider that you could potentially increase your starting salary, decrease the amount of time wasted “learning the ropes” of the non-academic job search, and speed up your career growth by getting a better job than if you had gone about it alone, the money you invest in our services could be one of the best investments you’ll ever make! A brief look at the feedback we receive will tell you that many of our clients are convinced they would not be where they are without Academic EQ’s strategic help.

Can I try one service and purchase other services later?

Of course! You can start by buying a few hours. When you are ready to purchase additional services, you can either purchase additional services online, or send us an email and we’ll send you a link. 

What do I pay for when I choose the hourly rate?

You are in complete control and decide what we work on. You will be billed for the time your consultant spends reviewing materials, editing, and consulting with you on the telephone, Skype, or via email. Since billable hours include time spent composing emails, we highly encourage communicating by phone (which is much quicker!) We make sure to keep you informed of the time used while we work together. If you are unsure about the number of hours you need or have concerns about cost, feel free request an estimate before purchasing.

How do I get started? How do I proceed to make a purchase?

Very easy. Go to the page of the services you need. Click on the “Add to Cart” button and fill out the order form. You will receive an email asking for academic and professional background information. Your order will be processed within 24 hours. Your credit card will be billed immediately.

Why should I work with Academic EQ?

  1. Our goal is to be your sounding board and guide as your go through the job search process. To unlock your competitive advantage, you need someone with relevant experience to provide you with feedback while adding value to your job seeker profile. You will benefit from having someone help you draw a line between where you are and where you want to go, help you identify your achievements, and sort out the experiences you should highlight to reach your career goals.
  2. You will have a professional and seasoned consultant who makes sure you tell your story the best possible way. One of Academic EQ’s strengths is to provide you with the opportunity to learn from a peer who has successfully transitioned from academia to the private sector, gain expert insight on how to manage your career, and connect with new colleagues. To judge our qualifications for yourself, feel free to check out our profile on LinkedIn
  3. Working with us can save you time. Changing careers is a long process. It spares you from looking for information in all the wrong places.

Contact us if you have additional questions. View our catalog of service here.