Our services are tailored to the specific needs of academics.  Not only do we know the lingo, but we can easily help you identify the skills you possess that match what employers are looking for.

Our Cover Letter Development Package is a four-step process that will save you time and energy, and provide you with a sense of direction in presenting your work experience and academic background effectively.



ASSESS: You will receive a questionnaire to tell us about your past professional and academic experiences, and your future career interests.


TARGET: Once we have reviewed your responses, we will schedule a consultation via phone or Skype to discuss strategies to better market yourself to employers. During this discussion, we will lay the foundation for a core narrative, identify relevant past experiences, and highlight transferrable skills.


PLAN: After the consultation, we’ll provide you with an outline to guide you during the writing of your cover letter. WE DO NOT WRITE THE LETTER FOR YOU.


EXECUTE: We review your letter for clarity, content, grammar and wording, and provide you with feedback (2-4 rounds of edits.)

One Cover Letter Development Package provides the consulting and editing you need for ONE job letter. Using our assistance to modify the letter for another position will incur additional charges.

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