Converting Your CV Into a Resume: Make Numbers Matter

One of the most well-kept secret of turning your CV into a resume that matters is to add numbers to it. Why? Simply because numbers help recruiters really assess the impact you’ve made on the world around you. Luckily, you don’t have to be a data scientist to turn a good resume into great one. No matter what you have studied in graduate school, there are ways to spruce up your past academic achievements even if you are not the crunching numbers kind.



Here are three words to remember to ease the pain of converting your CV into a resume while quantifying your past achievements:


  1. Range


You might be afraid of using numbers on your resume because you don’t have the data in hand. One way to overcome this problem is to think in terms of range. You don’t remember exactly how many students you closely interacted with over the duration of your PhD? No problem! You can still quantify your achievements by providing a rough estimate while focusing on your impact.

Turn “supervised undergraduate researchers” into “successfully supervised graduate school application process of 5–10 undergraduate students to top 5 graduate programs.”


  1. Frequency


While showing the range of your impact is important, it is also very important to demonstrate that you are reliable because you are consistent. A great way to enhance your resume is to include how frequently you have performed specific duties.

Transform “read and reviewed articles” into “read, reviewed, and evaluated 5–10 articles per week for graduate student review over 3-year period.”


  1. Scope


One way to provide insight into your skills is to reveal the scope of your influence to hiring committees. If you haven’t had the chance to manage budgets or big projects, keep in mind that managing other people is also a great sign of your leadership abilities. Consider showing how many people you’ve interacted with and served.

Upgrade “chaired Graduate Student Event Committee” to “Chaired and promoted committee of 24 graduate students, and presented marketing plan to audience of 100+ students at campus-wide university meetings.”


Before you start converting your CV into a resume, keep in mind that numbers can make a huge difference in how people perceive the time you spent in graduate school. So, before you think of sending your resume, don’t forget to add a few numbers to quantify your past activities and achievements. Adding a few numbers here and there can truly highlight your worth, as well as optimize your chances of getting hired!


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