Post-Phd Informational Interview Etiquette

Phd Informational Interview: Six Simple Rules

 If you’re a Phd graduate looking for non-academic job opportunities, trying to expand your network, or just exploring your options, you are probably familiar with the infamous post-Phd informational interview....

Phd Jobs are scarce

Phd Jobs: What Universities Should Do

Phd jobs are scarce. We live in a time when there is increasing doubt in the value of our current educational frameworks, and where the relevance of degrees, faculty and departmental...

Phd Career transition after the Phd is not easy

PhD Career Transition: How to Stay Motivated

  You’re in the midst of your Ph.D. and your stamina level has dropped? Blank page syndrome? You question the purpose of your Ph.D. because future employment seems unlikely? You're considering a...

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