You’re pursuing a Phd, but academic job prospects are scarce?

You need to find a job soon, but don’t want to end up as an adjunct?

You want to transition out of academia, but don’t know where to start?


We can help you!


Academic EQ is a career consulting advisory that prepares scholars for a broader spectrum of career options beyond academia.


Your Emotional Intelligence or EQ defines your ability to understand, empathize and negotiate with yourself and others. In today’s professional world, EQ has become the most important indicator of performance and the single most important driver of personal excellence and success in the workplace.


Whether you need help defining your next career goals, editing your job application material, or prepping for a non-academic job interview, we help you conquer the job process by bolstering your EQ to successfully embrace all career options after the Phd.

You’ve already got the brains. All you need are practical tools.

With topic specific guides, time-tested techniques used in top graduate professional programs across the U.S., and insight into the most significant trends in the hiring process in a wide variety of sectors, we can teach you how to articulate your strengths, and embrace a wider range of post- Phd career options.


Don’t know where to start?

Don’t know which services you need?


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